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Wellness Exams

Wellness Exams - At Lisbon Road Animal Hospital, wellness exams are more than just annual vaccination visits. While vaccines will typically be updated at this time, regular physical exams are vital to maintaining your pet’s health. The wellness exam provides an opportunity for the veterinarian to examine the entire pet, detect early warning signs of illness or disease, answer any questions you may have, and make individualized recommendations for your pet. It is also important to remember that our pets age much faster than people, and as a result more frequent check-ups may be recommended for pets under six months of age, or as they enter their senior years.

Regular exams allow us to not only catch problems early, but make the most appropriate recommendations for each individual pet. This also gives us the opportunity to educate our clients on the most current advances and information relevant to their pets health.

Preventative Medicine

Preventative medicine is extremely important in maintaining your pet’s health.  Many conditions and illnesses can be more effectively managed and treated if diagnosed during the early stages before the pet is noticeably ill. This can often allow us to not only prolong your pet’s life, but improve the quality of their life.  Routine care including: vaccinations, heartworm and flea and tick preventatives, as well as screening for heartworm and lyme disease can help prevent illness from developing or worsening.


Lisbon Road Animal Hospital offers a comprehensive on-site laboratory. This provides convenience for the owner, and allows for more rapid diagnosis and treatment of the patient. Among the in-house tests we provide are: radiography, blood chemistries, complete blood cell counts, thyroid testing, pancreatitis screening, cytology and fecal examination for parasites. We also offer in house screening for heartworm, lyme, anaplasmosis, and ehrlichiosis in dogs, and for leukemia and feline immunodeficiency virus in cats. Any tests that cannot be run in house are sent out daily to referral laboratories.


Radiology Services - Radiographs or x-rays as they are more commonly known are an important part of the diagnostic process. A quality radiograph can be very valuable to help the doctor pinpoint illness, injury or disease in our patients. Not only used to look at bones, radiographs also provide examination of the heart, lungs and abdominal organs. We have the capability in house to take and develop quality x-rays to provide this quick and painless diagnostic tool.


At Lisbon Road Animal Hospital we provide surgical services Monday through Friday. We offer a wide variety of soft tissue surgeries ranging from routine spaying, neutering , and dentistry to advanced procedures such as gastric, intestinal and bladder surgery. We also offer orthopedic procedures, most commonly cruciate ligament and patella repair.

We highly recommend pain management both pre and post operatively. We are also very pleased to offer therapeutic cold laser therapy and rehabilitation services to compliment traditional pain management. These services are available to both surgical and non-surgical patients. We would be happy to discuss how these treatments may improve your pet’s quality of life.

We now are able to offer all types of hard and soft tissue surgeries performed by Dr. Mark House, a board certified, accredited surgeon.


At Lisbon Road Animal Hospital we perform dental cleanings Monday-Friday. Periodontal disease is the most common ailment in our four-legged friends and if not treated oral infections can lead to irreversible damage to the heart, liver and kidneys.
We also perform more complex dental procedures which include full mouth extractions, oronasal fistula repair, oral tumor removal, pocket pet tooth trimming and fractured tooth removal.

Animals must be put under general anesthesia for dental work and our patients are carefully monitored during their dental surgery to ensure they remain happy and healthy during the procedure.

Pain management is an important part of preventing pain “windup” and intra-oral dental blocks (local injection of bupivacaine) are used during our dental extraction procedures to help control pain before it starts.   We have the ability to do both simple and complex extractions including making surgical flaps, drilling alveolar bone, sectioning large multi-rooted teeth and both hand and ultrasonic scaling and polishing procedures.  Dissolvable suture material is used to allow for a smooth recovery process, and we recheck our post-operative dental procedures in 7 days to be sure everything is healing normally.

We are happy to have a consult to discuss dental options and go over a potential treatment plan for your pet. 

Laser Therapy

We are proud to be able to offer Companion Animal Laser Therapy. The laser is a sterile, non-invasive, pain and drug-free treatment. A variety of conditions respond to laser therapy including, but not limited to, wounds, neurologic conditions, arthritis, skin conditions and ear infections. The laser is also beneficial post-surgically in many cases. Basically, almost any injury or illness that causes pain or inflammation can benefit from laser therapy. The laser has been proven to provide relief from pain and speed healing. We would be happy to discuss how laser therapy may benefit your pet, and compliment the current treatment of his condition.

For more detail on laser therapy - read more here


Rehabilitation and Wellness Center - As we strive to provide the absolute best possible care for our patients, we are very pleased to add this new non-invasive, non-medicinal option for healing and preventative care.   Through a variety of treatment tools, we are able to individually tailor a program to improve and restore quality of life to geriatric, injured, overweight, post-operative, neurologic or otherwise compromised pets.  We can also help prevent injury and improve performance in working canine athletes, show dogs or hunting dogs with a personalized conditioning plan.  Our goal is to help our patients maintain better mobility and quality of life for a longer time in a stress free and often fun way.   After a couple of rehab sessions most dogs come in wagging their tails!

Our treatment tools include such modern technologies as an Underwater Treadmill, which combines the healing and weight bearing properties of warm water with the movement of the treadmill to create a supportive, controlled exercise environment.  We also offer Therapeutic Laser Therapy, using light energy to hasten healing, reduce inflammation and relieve pain.  The needs of each pet are carefully thought through and a comprehensive plan is constructed including these tools as well as physio-balls, Bosu, Cavaletti and Balance Discs.   Add to that our trained, knowledgeable, compassionate staff and we have the right formula to make a difference for our canine and feline friends.

Please feel free to stop by to check out our rehabilitation center and discuss what we can do to help improve your pet’s well-being.

Who will benefit from these services?

 • Patients before and after orthopedic surgery

 • Patients recovering from injury

 • Patients who need to lose weight

 • Sporting and Working dogs

 • Patients with arthritis